Party Disunity

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I thought that the MDGOP held a “unity event.” Hell, actually I know they did because I attended it – along with a good number of my closest friends and assorted “others.”

Someone should remind the MDGOP that they’d held this unity event, however – because the “unity” celebrated at said event has already been breached – and by a few of the MDGOP’s establishment candidates, no less.

Case in Point, Numero Uno:

Meet Yvonne Baldwin, a one time, MDGOP establishment “party pick” to take on incumbent Democrat, Dion Guthrie, for Harford County’s District A Council Seat. Well, that’s all fine and dandy, except for the fact that Ms. Baldwin – of whom it has been reported got into the race at the behest of Delegate Rick Impallaria (R-7) – lost her race to Mike Perrone, a Liberty type GOPer who was a very early supporter of the Campaign for…

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Let’s Get ENGAGED!


I like to think the actions of the MD DEMS is due to a Something That Republicans Organized (for) Next General, (see what I did there?) But seriously, the dems have very little to worry about given the general population of Delirious Occupants Living (in) The State.

My acronyms may not be clean but you get the point!


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The interesting thing about writing is, to me anyway, some of the comments you get from time to time. Suffice it to say that, after reading a comment I got and approved this morning regarding my piece entitled, “If I Were a Pervert…” it is obvious I get read by the brain dead as well as all of you lovely, dear readers.

Now, on with the matter at hand…

Imagine being little old me and getting a new fundraising pitch put out by Yvette Lewis, Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party. Well, you don’t have to imagine it, because it is copied – word for word – below, as Ms. Lewis announces a new initiative, entitled Maryland ENGAGE.

And, here it is:


I have something very exciting to share,______!

The Maryland Democratic Party is thrilled to announce a new program focusing on our grassroots fundraising. MD ENGAGE is…

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A Giant Killer?


A Giant Killer?: Jesse Pippy vs Ed Kasemeyer
Taking on Mr. Kasemeyer is a tall order for anyone, but I think we’ve found a dynamic candidate in Jesse Pippy. He’s comfortable knowing that the amount of work ahead is daunting, but the prize in taking on arguably, the second most powerful Senator in Annapolis, is well, motivating to say the least. As you’ve pointed out shaking up this district for 11%, in a Gubernatorial Election year will not be an easy task, but a doable one.

Ed Kasemeyer is in fact, a very nice guy…He does however have a record, one he shares with the majority party in Annapolis and it’s really no surprise…he like others in Annapolis, LOVE to spend. What we often hear is ‘AAA Bond Rating’, “Responsible budget cutting” (meanwhile adding about a billion and a half each year in spending)…but the entire apparatus goes about it’s business of ‘stealing from peter (TTF, State Retirement Funds…etc) to pay Marty…I mean Paul. This goes on with very little fanfare, as much of this atrociousness gets the rubber stamp of the Ed Kasemeyer and gang, in the perfectly named, “Budget and Taxation” committee…tagline: “…not a budget we won’t approve nor a tax we don’t embrace”

If you live in LD 12 (S/SW Baltimore County, Elkridge or Columbia) and you want to back a solid candidate please consider supporting Jesse Pippy ( ) if not for yourself and your own interests, but sending a message to the General Assembly…”Goliath can be beaten” especially, if we can deliver in November. Be part of the 11%!

Correction: Al Nalley is actually the President of the PVRC, and a candidate himself for County Councilmanic District 1 taking on Tom Quirk.

Dave “Augie” Aughenbaugh

Originally posted on darknessrevisted:

Last night (Saturday), I learned a little about MD State Senator Ed Kasemeyer…who’s been “representing” and pillaging MD’s 12th District in Annapolis since 1995. Why do I add “and pillaging?”

Glad you asked.

I write “and pillaging” because from between 2007-2010 Kasemeyer was the Vice Chair of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. And, from 2011 to this present day, he’s the Chairman of that same committee. My point being, raise all the Hell you want about Governor O’Malley’s spending and tax increases…but save some of your vitriol for Mr. Kasemeyer as well. After all, if Kasemeyer can be called “powerful” for sitting in oversight of the Budget and Taxation Committee, well, he can also accept his part of the blame…

Of course, the joy of being Ed Kasemeyer doesn’t stop there because, you see, he’s married to a lobbyist. His wife, Pam, an attorney for the law firm of…

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Carpe Diem – My Wife’s Perspective


Some of US are very fortunate to have women like them in our lives. I thank God everyday, for I am one of those very fortunate men.

Originally posted on A Citizen's View by Scott A. Strzelczyk:

More often than not I write about constitutional, political, or economic issues.  Every blue moon I’ll write something about my personal perspective on things.  This is one of those articles.

I am blessed.  In ways I easily recognize and others that aren’t so obvious.  First and foremost those blessings flow from God.  Secondly, I am blessed with a loving and caring family.  Thirdly, most everything else doesn’t measure up to the first two.

But this article is about my wife, Jessica.

We have many things in common.  We also have many differences.   We have some similar and some different perspectives.  I am involved and invested in the fight for liberty, limited government, and other principles.  That fight is not for me as time is passing me by and I may not be around to reap what I am trying to sow.  However, for my family and their families I want…

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Better Late than never (District 12 Democrat Candidate Forum)

November 13, 2013 posted on November 18th

My notes kept staring at me…so here it is.

Arbutus, MD

After a long, a very long hiatus, I decided that I’d take a stab at re-establishing my blog, and what better time than now, after all opportunity like this only comes around every three years or so. I recently got a Facebook invitation from my outgoing delegate from District 12 (Malone) to attend the “FREE District 12 Democratic Candidate’s Forum”, my first thought was “FREE?”, it’s free for now, but if any of these folks actually went to Annapolis, we’d pay that’s for sure. There isn’t much they don’t want the government to do ‘for US’.  If the attendance was any indication, (some reported upwards of 200, I’d put that number at about half of that), one thing is clear, the interest in filling the new district 12 seats is pretty high.

My wife and I, even though we’re now part of the newly created district 44B, decided we’d check it out. I’ve got to hand it to Delegate Malone, the event was well attended, the format was well run, and the venue was a perfect setting for the event. Even after what seemed like a gathering of the ‘Mutual Admiration Society’, I enjoyed peeking into what will be a very interesting year in Maryland State Politics.

Background: Legislative District 12 is now a single legislative district and the three sitting delegates have all decided they will not be seeking re-election. Delegates Malone, DeBoy and BoBo will exit the House of Delegates with over 50 years of collective statehouse experience, leaving three open seats.

Malone (D-12) opens the forum

Malone (D-12) opens the forum

The format of the forum was pretty simple:

  • Introductions (2 min)
  • Why I’m running…(2 min)
  • A series of nine rotating questions (Written by Delegate Malone) so each candidate had an opportunity to answer first. The format of the questions would be in the form of…Are you FOR or AGAINST…?
    • Q1: The Death Penalty – Pretty much a clean sweep in opposing the Death Penalty with Michael Gisriel being the lone supporter…Note: Scott Shellenberger, Balt County States Attorney was present.
    • Q2: Increasing the minimum wage – Puzzling as it is, as expected, the support for this was unanimous.
    • Q3: State Funded Abortion – Although some of the candidates noted this as a controversial issue, they were united in their support of spending taxpayer funds on abortion.
    • Q4: State Funded Textbooks and Computers for private schools – One detractor on the subject, Michael Gisriel supports the initiative with Spence recognizing that there is already limited financial set aside for support in the current law, but I was unclear whether she supports or opposes. All others opposed.
    • Q5: Decriminalization of marijuana – Spence and Sachs were the only candidates that were ‘currently’ against the measure, all other were for…Hill went so far as to say ‘legalization’ is in order.
    • Q6: Speed Cameras – Unanimous support for ‘speed cameras’
    • Q7: Hydraulic Frakking – Bailey, Ebersole, Lam, Spence against and Dongarra vehemently opposing stating “Land is a nonrenewable resource.” Gisriel, Hill and Sachs were for more research with Stewart stating his support for more study and cited some financial and social benefits.
    • Q8: Offshore Wind Energy – Spence was against, Stewart and Sachs were undecided needing more information and the remaining candidates staunchly in favor.
    • Q9: Repeal of the Stormwater remediation fee – Hill and Sachs were against a repeal while all remaining were in favor of revisiting the issue or amending.

Early Handicapping: (Very Scientific process, HA! – longshot, even money or favorite)

Adam Sachs was late to the forum and literally has no problem identifying as a progressive. Although his honesty in answering some of the questions, I think he will have a hard time running a viable campaign in this field. (longshot)

Nick Stewart is undoubtedly a smart young man, a lawyer that has a past history as a speechwriter for Gov O’Malley, which is apparent as his rhetoric contained a LOT of “Forward, Action and Progress” in his responses. (longshot)

Brian Bailey is no stranger to SW Baltimore County politics and communities, Brian came to the forum, prepared, was able to articulate his answers like a seasoned politician and doesn’t hide his ‘stripes’ as a Democrat progressive. He’ll do well in the former 12A, the Columbia area being the swing for him, although I suspect his politics would be welcomed. (even money to favorite)

Rebecca Dongarra will obviously have a fairly good support system in Baltimore County, as a former candidate for County Council, however, I’m not sure she can weather the Howard County fight for support in the Primary. (longshot)

Eric Ebersole also a very well known Baltimore County resident and long time Howard County educator and community activist, Eric is a very likeable guy, but I’m not sure given the field he can mount a serious challenge. (longshot to even money)

Michael Gisriel, former delegate and definitely a polished politician…of all of the candidates definitely has the upper hand as being connected to the current political establishment in Annapolis, is this in of itself worthy of making him a serious challenger?, in my opinion, yes. His experience and connections will certainly carry him deep into the primary process. (favorite)

Dr. Terri Hill, her campaign will certainly be a force to be reckoned with, especially in the Howard County political circles. Her ‘pay it forward’ ideology is fine, but like most she would rather mandate the practice through big government. (even to favorite)

Dr. Clarence Lam, will most certainly have a deep run and perform well in the primary, Howard County will deliver big, with the Baltimore County constituents being the focus of his campaign, If he does an avg job in hitting the Baltimore County part of the district, I think the Dem faithfuls within the district could deliver him to Annapolis. What impressed me obviously wasn’t his politics, (we couldn’t be further apart on the issues) was his knowledge, command of the audience and his confident delivery of his statements. (favorite)

Renee McGuirk-Spence is in a tough spot, although I am certain she is a fine person, she may be heart felt, but she lacks the necessary ability to communicate effectively. She obviously knows government, as she’s been in Government Relations and spent a good deal of time in Annapolis, her answers were not real clear, and it’s my opinion that it wasn’t done on purpose. (longshot)

Lam, Hill, Gisriel and Bailey in my opinion can control the direction of this primary, with Ebersole being the only potential ‘dark horse’. I would have liked to hear their perspective on State Fiscal Policies, but I suspect most are in favor of untethered spending which will undoubtedly be something they will have to address as freshman members of the delegation.

Delegate Malone mentioned that it’s possible to expect a turnover in the house to reach a potential 50%, seventy of the 141 seats could be in play. I expect that District 12 will solidly and easily post 2/3 of those seats in the Dem column and if the Republicans can post a credible appealing candidate they have an outside chance to get one of those seats. Hopefully, I can be writing another post re: Republican Candidates in the near future.

Let the games begin!

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The Evil Pope


CLASSIC! “In one fell swoop, his unholiness just embarrassed the entire party, screwed the National Rules Committee, and revealed his true nature as an inhumanly cruel, and self serving bully.” ~ EFTP

Originally posted on eyes for the prize:

krampus1Nope… no sir… I wasn’t gonna touch this one again but he made me do it. Can someone… anyone, please tell me what the hell Louis Pope was thinking?  Did he really think that a phony baloney, cutesy, “Howdy kids” mea culpa letter  would just sweep the Nicolee Ambrose incident under the rug and put his bovine partner in crime in the drivers seat?      In one fell swoop, his unholiness just embarrassed the entire party, screwed the National Rules Committee, and revealed his true nature as an inhumanly cruel, and self serving bully.

*note to Louis Pope… if you are digging a hole, when you reach 6 feet just stop and pull the dirt on top of yourself.

I am rarely at a loss for words, but as an activist who has literally broken bones and shed blood on the campaign trail, I am so offended by Pope’s smarmy…

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Government has strayed off the path of its original intent; to further secure our unalienable rights. Government is on a path contradictory to and in complete perversion of its stated purposed. Government is not the protector of unalienable rights; instead government uses law and force to violate the very rights it was supposed to protect. This is a complete perversion of the law and the reasons why people form political societies.

Originally posted on A Citizen's View by Scott A. Strzelczyk:

Society in every State is a blessing, but government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.  Thomas Paine penned these eternal words over two hundred years ago.

Man, by his very nature, is a social being.  His wants are greater than his capability to provide for himself without the aid of society.  Beyond the basic need for food, shelter, and clothing a man’s wants are diverse and those wants are present in every man.  Thus, man’s very nature impels him to society where all men interact to satisfy their own self-interests.

Indeed, man is a self-directed, autonomous being with certain desires, interests, needs, and wants.  Just as each man has a diversity of desires, interests, and wants each man also has a diversity of talents and abilities.  In his pursuit of happiness man freely chooses to interact with others to…

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